Ancient Egypt & Lessons on Black Identity in America

March 20, 2018

Ancient Egypt, the Sphinx, the Pyramids…

They are incredibly fascinating and draw us back to the greatest civilization. All “great civilizations” of the West have modeled themselves after Egypt. Ancient Egypt serves as the foundation for the idea of greatness. And it’s greatest lesson for Black Identity might also be the most disturbing…

But what else do we learn from Ancient Egypt?

What do we learn about ourselves as Black people in America and about Black identity?

Yes – as the world’s greatest civilization, Ancient Egypt is a testimony to the ingenuity of Black people. The relics of Egypt stand as reminders of that greatness, dispelling the myths of Black inferiority.

We love to – and should – look to Ancient Egypt for African pride. But there’s a perspective on Egypt that is even more powerful, yet often ignored…

This perspective is one that is of great benefit to understanding our position and place as Black people in America. It helps us to reshape Black identity and gives purpose to the Black experience that will enable us to be better at making #BlackLivesMatter.

This basic understanding about Egypt and America is what forms the basis of Black Power: Our God-Given Call to Make America Great.

So how do you reconcile the reality about Egypt that I share in this episode? What does that do to your framing of Black identity in America?

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