Black Redemption: The Foundation of True Racial Reconciliation

May 1, 2018

All the talk about racial reconciliation ignores the role of Black redemption. And, without Black redemption there is no way to achieve racial reconciliation that is anything more than further conditioning Black people to become reconciled to their own oppression.

I’m sold that racial reconciliation can only happen as a result of Black redemption. That’s why, when people ask me what I speak/present on I say: “Black redemption and racial reconciliation. The two go together.

There’s a third part that’s particular to White people – but, that’s not the point of this piece…

But from our perspective – as Black people – we’re concerned with our part. And that’s redemption.

Without it, we can’t really reconcile. All we can do is position ourselves for further oppression.

Without redemption, we are left hoping that White folk will be good to us.

Aren’t you tired of that?



So, I’m presenting a different approach and invite you to consider it.

In this episode of Blacks with Power, I share why Black redemption is the critical first step for us to transform the nature of the relationship between European people and the African people of the world.

Black Redemption Leads to True Racial Reconciliation

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Resources for this Episode:

  1. If you want to take that journey to redemption, start here.
  2. To dive deeper on the theology behind Black redemption, visit here.

What are Your Thoughts?

2 comments on “Black Redemption: The Foundation of True Racial Reconciliation

  1. James Mckim May 2, 2018

    IMHO, it’s all about changing the implicit (unconscious) bias that has been programmed into, not just whites, but all of us through centuries of writings, art, etc.

    To effect this change, I believe we need to have a massive effort to lift up all people of color not just blacks. Why do I say not just blacks? Because, while I agree that the programming has been that the darker your skin the lower you are, focusing on just blacks means that those non-black people of color will still be considered “lower”.

    In addition, Jesus didn’t teach focusing on one race. He taught treating everyone as equal. Reconciling to God. A colloquial saying that comes to mind is a rising tide floats all boats.

    Now, that’s not to say that there isn’t a need for Black Lives Matter and actions that address specific policies discriminating against blacks. There is that need. But my sense is that that is “tactical” and short-term. My sense is that that will help in certain places where the issue is prevalent because of population. In New Hampshire, where I live, you won’t get much traction for just lifting up blacks. In addition, there is a need and I have seen traction for this in NH and other places, lifting up anyone who is different. That works to help all, including blacks.

    • Thanks for taking the time to respond, James.

      Jesus didn’t teach focusing on race, but Whites used Jesus to discriminate on the basis of race. So, the image of God in people of Color has been sullied by White supremacy. A rising tide doesn’t lift that boat. Rather, as the tide rises, that particular boat still remains barely above water…taking on water, with the occupants focused on bailing water rather than steering ahead.

      Meanwhile, Whites are free to steer forward unimpeded and without distraction.

      This is SO MUCH deeper than Black Lives Matter and police brutality. Disparity on the basis of race is prevalent in EVERY facet of American life.