Financial Contentment: Are You & Your Money at Peace?

March 26, 2017

Financial contentment is a pursuit we are all on in some form or fashion. I mean: if I were to ask you if you want financial contentment, you’d say yes…right? Or, are you the rare person who would say that you don’t want financial contentment?

Well…maybe this would be clearer if we said financial peace. You may have heard that used more. But being at peace is contentment. So the two are related.

I come to understand financial contentment as the place where your relationship with money is at peace…where you and your money are at peace. Financial contentment is that place where money doesn’t define your idea of peace. Rather, it is the place where your idea of peace defines your relationship with money.

Do you think that way when it comes to your financial planning?

It’s an important perspective to consider if your goal is to pass on freedom to your children rather than passing on debt (i.e. bondage). It’s the mindset that is required to “emancipate yourselves from mental slavery.”

Often, we plan for retirement with the idea of maintaining the existence we had when we were young and hustling. But is that the right burden to be bearing? Or is that simply the burden we’ve been given? Have you taken the time to freely choose your perspective?

Better question: has your financial advisor taken the time to identify your idea of financial contentment?

Talking about your money with someone is tough. Talking about your feelings/dreams is tough. Talking about the two of them and how they relate to each other…??!??!?!!! #MercyLord.

In this episode of Blacks with Power, I speak with Dominique Henderson of DJH Capital Management LLC about what financial contentment is and why it’s an important perspective to have when it comes to your financial planning. He demonstrates how this process really opens things up for your financial strategy and exposes you to possibilities for freedom that you didn’t consider (like, living on the beach).

What do you think? How does contentment and your ideas about contentment affect your financial planning perspective?

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

  1. DJH Capital Management LLC
  2. Financial Literacy Bootcamp Podcast

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