Haile Selassie is the Bridge | The Way to a Faith Where Black Lives Matter

July 26, 2020

July 23 is Haile Selassie I’s birthday.

As Emperor of Ethiopia and a founder of both the League of Nations & United Nations, he visited the West on numerous occasions. Seeing the suffering of Black people across the Western World and particularly in America and the Caribbean, he was moved to action.

That action resulted in sending Archbishop Yeshaq to the Western Hemisphere with a mission to bring the African Diaspora to the Ethiopian Christianity of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

He wanted Black people to see the Christian Faith through an authentically African lens that had NEVER been colonized. He wanted Black people to experience a faith untainted by White Supremacy.

Because of the recent flare up of white supremacist violence that has sparked the Black Lives Matter protests, Black people in America find themselves in a space of wondering where they might find love.

“Why won’t they stop killing us?”

Still seeking a space where Black Lives Matter, there is an opportunity to consider the Orthodox Church – as His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I intended when he sent the EOTC to the Western Hemisphere.

With a panel of experts, both clergy and non-clergy, both Ethiopian and non-Ethiopian, we will explore the potentials and the obstacles of embracing Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity.

As an important side note: This was my first time trying to host a show with more than two guests. I used Skype and learned that I should have used Zoom! LOL

That said, the video is at times choppy but still worth a listen…

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