Hennessy is Beneath You: Je’Wesley Day Helps Get Your Drink Game Up!

May 28, 2017

Hennessy is the drink of choice for many in the Black community. Nas, Rakim and several other rappers have endorsed it. Many more rappers have made tracks laced with references to Hennessy…aka da Henny. Personally, I prefer Jack Daniels, but even that will be discussed.

On the road to success, many people will tell you many things. One thing you’ll likely hear is that you need to improve your golf game. Deals are made on the golf course, they say. And if you can’t play – or don’t play – you’ll be left out of the inner circles of power.

One thing you likely haven’t heard – until you finish listening to this episode – is that you need to improve your drink game. You see: after you come of the golf course, you’ll end up at the 19th hole for the game after the game. And while deals may be discussed on the golf course, they are finalized on the 19th hole…over drinks.

Big sales? Finalized over drinks. New clients? Finalized over drinks. Fast-track promotions? Finalized over drinks. And it all depends upon what you drink and how you drink what you drink.

And…Hennessy is beneath you…

Or at least it should be beneath you – when you aren’t at home. Or at least that’s what Je’Wesley Day of Cocktail Chronicles is trying to teach you.

In this episode, Je’Wesley will give you some tips on how to improve your drink game. Many say you need to dress to impress. And Je’Wesley encourages you to also drink to impress. You can find out more in the article from Ebony Magazine listed below.

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

  1. Ebony Magazine Article
  2. Cocktail Chronicles Website
  3. Message to the People: The Course of African Philosophy

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