Martin on the Mountain: What did King See?

October 22, 2020

It’s a long way to go when you don’t know where you’re going…You don’t know where you’re going when you’re lost.

That’s what the late great Guru of Gang Starr said on Hard to Earn

Do we Negroes know where we are going?

Don’t just get upset at the seeming audacity of my question. But think about it…dare to answer it:

Do we know where we are going?

What is freedom? Where is the Promised Land?

In Eucharistic fashion, walking in love as Christ loved us, giving himself for us – an offering and sacrifice to God, Dr. King was assassinated. And on the night before he died for us, while feasting on the Word with friends, our leader Martin Luther King, Jr. gave what we know as the Mountaintop Speech.

Have you ever listened to it? If not…you should…really. It’s damn sure worth it.

What did Dr. King see from the Mountaintop?

We know he saw the Promised Land…

But what did he see? What did the Promised Land look like? Of what did the Promised Land the Lord showed to Dr. King consist? How did he know that what he saw was the Promised Land of God?

Have you ever wondered that?

Shouldn’t we want to know what he saw?

In this episode of Blacks with Power, Pr. Jimmie and I are exploring the spiritual reality of this last day in this prophet’s life. What does it say to us and how does it shape the Mattering of Black Life?

Share your comments! Let us know what you think the Promised Land is made of…

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