Prophets, Politicians…Prophets, Politicians: We Better Know the Difference…

December 16, 2020

Prophets, politicians…prophets, politicians…

We better know my difference!

Cause like Push T, all I see is victims.

Victims of politicians pretending to be leaders. Victims of prophets compromising alone the Way like politicians…

Both pulling one over on We the People because we fail to understand the difference in their roles. We misunderstand who should have what role. So, we allow politicians to shape the way we walk along this Journey to the Promised Land, and we expect prophets to conform to the way established by politicians.

But, like President Obama said recently on Trevor Noah’s Daily Show, that’s not the role of a politician. But we expect the wrong things from them.

Until we put politicians and prophets in proper perspective, we will remain lost in this wilderness. So, what is this proper perspective?

How should we understand the role of politicians? And how do we put politicians in proper perspective?

That’s our exploration in this episode of Blacks with Power. How do you think we ought to view and engage with politicians? Let us know in the comments.

What are Your Thoughts?