Sankofa and Anamnesis: Do Black People Really Want Freedom?

September 3, 2020

We speak of the Civil Rights Movement…

Of the legacy of the struggle. Of how far we’ve come – by faith…leaning on the Lord.

But have we really? Have we come this far because we’ve been leaning on the Lord? Or have we been leaning on another lord?

Do we remember the God of our fathers and mothers? Do we remember the promises God made to them? Do we remember the promises God made to us?

Do we remember freedom? Do we remember what freedom is?

We damn sure should know what it isn’t…

With all that we’ve seen over the past few months: the explosion of vitriol, and the support for and encouragement of that vitriol from the highest seats of power in the land, we should know – unequivocally – what freedom is not.

It ain’t this…

We need to go back and fetch it. #Sankofa.

We need to return to the Hush Harbor and remember. We need to get “in the Spirit,” be transported to that space and time with our ancestors, and re-member: knit together the Body that was dismembered by white supremacy and our sojourn in America.

And having remembered – and having been re-membered, we need to bring that memory into the present: giving that memory life such that we can walk worthy of the future the Lord has to have planned for us.

But are we ready for freedom? Or will we simply keep pretending like freedom is right around the corner – even in this neighborhood?

What do you think? What would a “liturgy of remembrance” entail for you? Do you think we already have a proper memory?

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