The Last Hope for Black People in America?

September 24, 2020

Even before the Grand Jury decided not to indict the murderers of Breonna Taylor, I already had to get my mind right…

The Governor of Florida had just floated a bill to legalize the use of cars as an assault weapon for vitriolic White Supremacists who dislike protesters. I mean…

The reality that people can even consider such inhumane actions…

And why would I even want to reason with people who demonstrate such deft wickedness? Why reason with those who make it clear the lengths they’re willing to go, in effort to be unreasonable?

And I know many will say: “That’s why you gotta get to the polls!”

But really?

I’m not saying people shouldn’t vote. I would if I could…

It’s like Ice Cube asked, what are we getting for this vote?

Do we really think that will make Black Lives Matter? Like after all this time of non-mattering to White folk, seeing the ugly of Donald Trump has somehow converted White Power to disavow White Supremacy?

It seems voting is just a maybe…

An acceptance that we ought to settle for just a little bit more freedom. That maybe Black Lives will matter in the many rabidly vitriolic White Supremacist States, because Joe Biden is President. We’ve already seen how easily States will invoke “States Rights” in order to ignore Federal Mandates.

Don’t we want a solution that will guarantee the mattering of Black Lives?

By now many of you are like: “But I ain’t moving to no Africa!” But, I keep tryna tell y’all that “Back to Africa” is so much more than that – although I also say you should desire to know yourself.

Yet, in this episode Pr. Jimmie and I discuss a solution to the racial problem in America that would best ensure that #BlackLivesMatter.

What do you think?

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