We Gotta Eat & other Heresies Preventing the Mattering of Black Life

November 19, 2020

What do we do about heresy?

Heresy?!?!? Who talks about heresy…

Two lines in, I’m sure many have already stopped reading. Heresy is such a bad word…

We don’t talk about it. So we damn sure don’t know what to do about it. We don’t consider how it impacts the Mattering of Black Life.

But how can the essential and foundational mattering of a people – any people – be established when that people is unknowingly embracing heresy?

The Apostles warned followers to be aware that heretics exist and that they are determined to come among the people in order to rebind them to the things, ways and people from which the Lord had freed them.

But do we take heed of their warning? Do we even still believe their warning is anything more than allegory?

Do we even still care that there are thieves in the temple?

And if we don’t…what does it mean for the heresy that has crept into Black culture?

That’s the focus of our discussion in this episode of Blacks with Power. What do you think of the role that heresy has – and is – playing in the problems we face as a people? We’d love to read your thoughts…

What are Your Thoughts?