White folks fail to abandon White Supremacy: Where to Now Black Church?

November 6, 2020

The Black Church got on board with ushering the Black Vote to elect Joe Biden. All over traditional and social media the refrain is that Black voters saved America. But, the deeper truth of that statement is this:

Black people saved an America that didn’t want to be saved…

You see, the 2020 Presidential Election was supposed to be a blowout for Biden. White folk had become “woke.” They were protesting en masse, “in far greater numbers that in the 1960s.” This was all to be a sign that the white supremacy was at its final throes. And were were told to be excited…to have hope. To use this as an indication that justice is around the corner and all we needed to do was get to the polls…to come out and vote. White folk were going to have our backs…

There was supposed to be a “Blue Wave” that swept over the land, bringing the Democrats into Sole Control of the Federal Government.

But that didn’t happen…

Rather, the Republicans retained control of the Senate and weakened the Democrats’ majority in the House.

The Presidential Election – while Biden seems likely to win, was incredibly close in the vote. Forget contesting the vote and the various lawsuits…forget the potential of GOP controlled States unbinding Electors and declaring Trump the winner…forget the stacked Supreme Court with Justices from the Bush-Gore 2000 betrayal of the Black Vote…

The vote…the popular vote and Electoral College vote was actually close. Yes, there was a record turnout – in early voting, mail-in voting and in person day of voting. But that increase only serves to highlight the fact that it’s not just a small group of people who side with Trump.

There is a shit-ton of people in America who agree with his ideology. They just think Trump went (a little) too far with his behavior.

Black people saved an America that didn’t yet want to be saved. Black people saved an America that had not yet come to repentance. And it was the Black Church that counseled us to do it…

So, where to now for the Black Church?

What should we be considering? How should we be looking toward “the now” and the future?

White folks still have not decided to abandon white supremacy. So what should be the outlook for the Black Church going forward? How ought the Black Church minister unto the faithful in this dynamic?

That’s what we begin exploring in this episode of Blacks with Power. Check it out and give us your thoughts on “where we go from here…”

What are Your Thoughts?