Big Baller Brand: A Sneakerheadz Guide to Dominance

June 25, 2017

Big Baller Brand is off and running now that Lonzo Ball is officially with the Lakers. I mean: that’s what he needed right? To be in the spotlight so that his off-the-court brand could excel.


But will Big Baller Brand have the influence LaVar Ball (Lonzo’s flamboyant father) predicts? There’s some critical things that you must understand – beyond having talent and/or a product, if you’re going to build a successful brand.

Big Baller Brand: Lifestyle or Flash of Brilliance?

So…everyone knows Lonzo Ball can ball. He is a big baller – for now. He’s shown flashes of brilliance. We’ll see if those flashes spark in the NBA, or if they are snuffed out. We’ll see if those flashes of brilliance can become a sustainable, championship caliber flame.

The same is true for Big Baller Brand.

Will it simply fizzle out? Or will it thrive? And what are the strategies for ensuring that it can thrive?

A $500 sneaker and $60 t-shirts can make you some quick cash…yes, there are people who would want to pay $500 for a pair of sneakers. But will they buy again? And are there enough people willing to pay $500 for a pair of sneakers that Big Baller Brand can become a household name?

After 6 NBA Championships and numerous other accolades, the average cost for a pair of Jordans is “only” $170. But before even stepping foot on an NBA court as a player, Lonzo Ball’s “ZO2’s” start at $495.

Everyone knows the shoes will be hot…with all the hype surrounding Lonzo Ball and the Lakers fan base, many people will want a pair. Big Baller Brand has shown flashes of brilliance, but there’s some holes in its game.

In this episode, we hear from Chief Obsessive Sneaker Disorderly and Co-Founder of Sole Magazine, Dee Wells. As someone who is an authority on Sneaker Culture, Dee shares his thoughts on Big Baller Brand – where it is now, the flaws in the strategy and the opportunity for dominance.

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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