Biggie Smalls Sports Science: George A. Scott on Building Your Child’s Brand

May 7, 2017

“Either you slinging crack rock, or you got a wicked jump shot!” – Biggie Smalls

Hopefully, none of y’all are slinging crack rock. Right?! LOL

Many have a wicked jump shot…a strong arm, the ability to hit the hole or defend over the top, run the court, track a fly ball or hit it a mile. But then what?

But Things Done Changed Biggie Smalls

It’s not longer enough to simply have a wicked jump shot. It’s not enough to use your athletic talent to get out the hood. Rather, we need to leverage that talent to stay paid…for generations.

Biggie Smalls was right: sports presents a surefire way to make it out of the hood. But like I said on Chicken George Economics, we have to have a strategic plan that will not only make us free but also keep us free!

With all of the money in sports, and with the emphasis on College athletes, AAU, Travel Ball, Pop Warner et al, the question becomes: are you leaving money on the table?

Former All American & Syracuse University Running Back George A. Scott joins me on this episode to speak about how athletes and their parents can best prepare for the power that comes from “the game.”

Share Your Response!

How are you preparing to harness the power beyond the sport, that comes from being an athlete?

Let us know: would you like George to share more? Would you like him to create a way to work with your son or daughter while they’re still in high school? Don’t wait until you get your contract to consider building your brand!

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

  1. The Brand Investment Law Firm


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