Parenting Black Kids: Bryan Post on Breaking Slavery’s Legacy

May 14, 2017

Parenting Black kids is quite the challenge. With police and thieves in the street, rampant disparity along racial lines, a school to prison pipeline that preys on Black boys & girls, and etc., there are many things to frighten Black parents.

And that’s in addition to the normal fears of parenting…

It’s funny tho: if you’re like most Black people, you came from a home where corporal punishment was part of your reality. We pride ourselves in sharing stories of the crazy things our parents may have said or did as part of raising us. And though we may shed some things, many times we employ similar strategies in parenting Black kids when we have our own.

I, myself, have talked about the irony that White society will criticize how we (culturally) are parenting Black kids. During slavery, we raised their kids!

But how much of our parenting style is born from our experience of slavery? How much of parenting Black kids is a product of the brutality of the experience on the plantation – passed down through generations, all the way to the present?

This is the focus of my discussion with child behavior expert, Bryan Post, LCSW. Bryan works with adults, children and families struggling with early life trauma and the impact on the development of the mind/body system. He specializes in a holistic family-based treatment approach that addresses the underlying interactive dynamics of the entire family.

Bryan smacked me upside the head in beautiful ways! How do you respond to his insights?

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2 comments on “Parenting Black Kids: Bryan Post on Breaking Slavery’s Legacy

  1. Elishia May 23, 2017

    Corporeal punishment?