Training Them to Be Great: Teaching Youth to Find & Follow their Dreams

August 20, 2017

Training effectively is the key to being on the top of your game. And, with the racist White Supremacist terror of the past week, I think it’s become clear that we have to change course…we have to play the game differently and better…become more self-reliant. When only 51% of the Country believes President Trump’s response to White Supremacy was weak, we have to consider how safe we are – as Black people – with the other 49% of America.

In the face of the racist vitriol masquerading as leadership in America, it should be clear: we can rely only on ourselves and our God. I recorded this episode and slated it to go live this week before the terror of Charlottesville. And while the episode doesn’t directly address that event, what remains is true is the importance of the message.

If we’re to find Liberty and advance the Cause of Freedom, it will be because we have been trained to defeat White Supremacy. We must train our youth to be great…to prepare them for excellence…to expect excellence.

That’s why I wanted to speak with Brandon Okpalobi, Founder and CEO of DIBIA Atheletic & DIBIA Dream. In this episode, we discuss the steps to creating a unified sense of identity among African people throughout the Diaspora and how that identity can help prepare us to face the challenges of this time.

What do you think should define “greatness” for Black people – in this present climate? How do you think we should be training our youth to be great?

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

  1. Reparations and the Foundation of Black Power

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