Colin Kaepernick: How Do We Really Support Him?

August 27, 2017

Colin Kaepernick is effectively banned from the NFL – not for criminal activity…not for domestic violence…not even for dog fighting or performance enhancement drugs. Kaepernick is banned for having a conscience and resolving to be more than a dumb jock.

I know there are people trying to force the NFL to lift the silent ban on Kaepernick. I agree with what Shaun King is saying in this article. But I don’t feel like begging the NFL to give him a job. I much rather cause the NFL to lose sponsors and money.

I’m not really sure how to organize all of that. But I would imagine it would take identifying top NFL sponsors. Maybe targeting teams with dubious quarterback situations… Maybe it’s all of that – and also supporting the work of the Colin Kaepernick Foundation.

And that’s the focus of the discussion in this episode. And in this episode, more than any other, I’m really encouraging you to join the Facebook Group if you’re not already a member. It’s a safe space, free from trolls, that enables us to strategize.

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We’ve seen this before…

And while yes, Muhammad Ali is still the GOAT, he suffered banishment from boxing and public ridicule for three years, before people realized he was right about his Vietnam War protest.

So what are your thoughts for how we an support Colin Kaepernick beyond simply pressuring the NFL to give him a job? Join the discussion in our Facebook group and let’s stand with those who stand for us.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

  1. Muhammad Ali and Vietnam
  2. David Suskind Calling Ali a Disgrace
  3. Rep. Peter King on Colin Kaepernick
  4. Tim Brown on Anthem Protest

What are Your Thoughts?

One comment on “Colin Kaepernick: How Do We Really Support Him?

  1. Donna Aug 28, 2017

    I support a boycott on NFL sponsors. Hit them where it hurts. No
    Sponsors no
    Games. Force them to look at their racist policies.