Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James and the Power of Black Athletes

January 15, 2017

Colin Kaepernick & LeBron James have been leading the way in revolutionary sports figures.

In 2015, LeBron James initiated a scholarship fund for children of his hometown Akron pledging to give them a four year scholarship to the University of Akron. He also lead other NBA stars in a speech to open the ESPYs, inspiring other athletes to take action.

This season in the NFL, Colin Kaepernick has been leading a silent protest to draw attention to police brutality. But, he’s also been hosting a “Know Your Rights” camp for inner-city youth.

Of course there are other engaged athletes, but these two are the headliners in my opinion.

In this episode of Blacks with Power, I talk with Mike Tillery – Public Enemy #1 of the sports media world, who airs his show every Saturday night on (yea, Chuck D’s online network…you know…Public Enemy’s Chuck D)

He shares his stories from the field – the conversations he’s had with your favorite competitors, and how these Ballers can empower the community.

Do you agree with him?

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