Donald Trump: Black America’s Hope in these times of Social Decay

January 22, 2017

Donald Trump is now the President of the United States. What does that mean for Black America?

Many are upset. 100 protesters were arrested for riots before the Inaugural Parade. Dozens of politicians boycotted the Inauguration.

Yet, none of those things change the reality: Donald Trump is the US President.

So, what needs to be our focus for the next four years? How do we engage this period of American History?

The answer to those questions will determine if we are able to Protect the Black Legacy and Advance the Cause of Freedom for ourselves and our posterity. Are you interested in those two issues?

You see: agenda item number one for President Donald Trump will be to destroy the Obama Legacy. The Black Legacy…the legacy of those who fought and died for the Freedom of Black America…will be attacked next.

Yet, every moment offers us a hope. And in this episode, I’ll talk about the hope for Black America that is presented by the Presidency of Donald Trump.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

  1. Blacks with Power Sweepstakes: Enter to win your convention registration fee paid.
  2. Birth of a Nation: KKK Movie endorsed by President Woodrow Wilson.

What are Your Thoughts?

4 comments on “Donald Trump: Black America’s Hope in these times of Social Decay


    Andrew Jackson was dead before the Civil War, so how did he dismantle reconstruction? If you spread lies, how can expect anyone to believe your cause?

    • Johnson. Not Jackson. I get them confused. Now…major point remains.

      • CHRISTOPHER PRILLEUX Aug 25, 2017

        I am not going to act like I know the life and struggles of any group of people in this country or others. There are tons of people that have advantages and disadvantages. I am not a fan of making excuses, but love to see when people over come. I have yet to listen to the next podcast, but the title is something along the lines of Black Politicians still being black. That is a very divisive statement. Our problem as citizens needs to stop being with each other, but to keep the government in check. We can’t do that if we are constantly keeping each other seperated. Blacks are not allowed to accept “white culture” without being called an “uncle Tom” or being ostricized by the black community. And conversely whites who adopt “black culture” or music, are called a W word that rhymes with the “N” word.

        I will continue to listen to your podcast, but as of now I have not been swayed. I instead see the divide growing as more people just point out issues without offerring viable solutions. There is no compromise in our present society, if whites disagree they are called racist.

        I only point out the Jackson issue because in New Orleans, Jackson Square is under scrutiny from the left. Jackson has lots wrong with him, but he also help to save the city of New Orleans. Some people won’t do their own research and will accept lies as fact. I understand now yours was not drliverate, but in fact an error. But an error that really could have negative consequences in modern times.