Fear of a Black Identity

November 19, 2017

Black identity has always been threatening to American Society. It’s long been debated and suppressed. Black folk ourselves are the worst purveyors of this fear of a Black identity, because at several checkpoints in our American sojourn we have – en masse – encouraged each other to deny our Blackness in favor of the “American melting pot.” And this fear is the subject of a recent FBI report that should have us concerned. (Article continues below)

Yes – there was the Black Power movement of the 70s and who could forget James Brown imploring us to “say it loud” that we are Black and proud? But then we must also understand the only reason that song was necessary is because that statement was not something that was usually proclaimed loudly – if at all.

And yes, we must remember the “Ideological Origins of Black Nationalism.” In those early days of struggle, before emancipation and before Frederick Douglass helped shift the perspective of Black Americans, establishing a strong Black identity was seen as the necessary thing to securing and maintaining Liberty.

Yet over time Blacks were overwhelmingly convinced that having such an identity was a negative thing. The way forward was assimilation masked as integration, where our Blackness would melt away and all that remained would be our (White) Americanness. Generations of Blacks have bought into that idea – only to later be brokenhearted. After years of fighting Marcus Garvey’s efforts to establish a strong Black identity and convincing the Black elite to buy into assimilation, W.E.B. DuBois ultimately went “Back to Africa” and admitted that “Marcus Garvey was right.

Even still – after centuries of evidence to the contrary, Black elites are still afraid of asserting their Black identity. Hell, Black leadership in the Episcopal Church have stated their belief that “establishing a strong Black identity is not the way” to make Black lives matter in America. Still, we are being told to rely on the mercy of the White power structure and trust in their benevolence – despite continued evidence of malevolence.

Black Identity is a Threat to White Supremacy

And yet, the Black elite wonder why Black identity is still classified as a treat to America. And they’re “upset” by this FBI report, and the surveillance implications of this report…demanding that the FBI take a different response. But especially in the Trump Administration, should we really expect anything different to be done?

In this episode, I provide an alternative response to this FBI report and to the “threat of Black identity extremists” – whatever the hell that means…

What do you say? Should we continue to hope the Government will just do right by our people? Or should we find a way to make them do right? And if you agree it is our responsibility as “we the People” to shape the Government, then how do you respond to my suggestion? Do you have an alternative?

Let’s work out the solution in the group!

Black Power Facebook

Join the private Facebook group and let’s hash this out in a “safe space” for dialogue. The tone of this report is indeed threatening. The question becomes, what do we do in response? And that solution should be one we’ve worked out, together…right?

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