Doitall to Change the Political Landscape

October 29, 2017

Some Doitall to be the Chief Rocka, and that’s certainly cool. But once you’ve established your position as one of the illest to rock a mic, what’s next? Once you prove you can move the crowd to uncontrollably nod their heads and shake their bodies, what’s the next challenge for a true Emcee?

Back before hiphop had the club going up on a Tuesday to pop bottles and skeet all over the walls, the art form was known as the Black CNN – informing the community of those things that the media wouldn’t cover. The Emcee would narrate the culture or comfort those wounded by life’s struggle.

Folk knew when they grabbed the mic it’s “All eyez on me.” And they’d embrace that reality, telling the masses to “listen up, I got a story to tell.” Even when they fell victim to the system and the stereotypes, they were clear on the enemy. And through their posture of protest they built hiphop – brick by brick – into a billion dollar empire.

These pioneers and the soldiers who followed created a music that changed the social landscape. Hiphop became pop culture. By permeating the lives of folk everywhere, hiphop culture has transformed the larger culture – even if only on the surface.

When you see this power, you gotta wonder what else hiphop can accomplish. How else can a good Emcee move a new crowd…a different crowd…a crowd with far more power? What more can hiphop do?

Hiphop Can Doitall

Doitall NowAnd Doitall Dupr√© Kelly is a Lord of the Underground poised to bum rush the establishment. Having spent over 25 years in hiphop living and observing the culture…recording the culture and narrating the culture on behalf of the people, Doitall has determined that a good Emcee must take things to a greater level and move a crowd that has the power to change Society in tangible ways.

In this episode, he and I chop it up about his City Council campaign in Newark, NJ and the potential power the Black community can harness if and when other artists follow his lead. So, I want you to check out this episode and Doitall’s perspective.

What do you think? Do you think it’s time for some of these artists to take on greater leadership? Which artists do you think are responsible enough to actually be effective in this space?

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