Pledging vs. Hazing: The Thin Line between Construction & Destruction

October 8, 2017

Pledging is the answer for everyone, when that is the choice. No one wants hazing, right? But surely skating isn’t the answer either. Both skating and hazing have produced lackluster brothers and sisters incapable of living up to the high moral standards of our various Fraternities and Sororities.

In these days of racial turmoil, we need strong leadership that has been prepared for the battles we must face in the fight for freedom and justice. But skaters lack the tenacity and endurance to commit to a fight that is bigger than themselves. And those who’ve been hazed lack the unity…the brotherhood and sisterhood needed to move as one.

In the Name of the Lord, I stand firm in my belief in pledging as being an important part of the process for making men and women with the tenacity and endurance for the battles we face as a people, and the ability to form like Voltron to benefit from the strength in numbers. (If you don’t know what it means to “form like Voltron,” click here.)

But pledging isn’t an option for many.

In many circles the choice is between hazing and skating. And we know the culture prefers hazing over skating – right?

Skating protects the brand, but slowly erodes the culture. But things go wrong real quick when hazing is involved. I know how things can go wrong, and in this episode I am joined by my ADP (Assistant Dean of Pledging) to discuss what goes wrong, how it goes wrong and how to make it right.

He and I share candidly about our journey together: how things fell apart and how we worked toward reconciliation. This is a personal sharing…and we end by asking you to get personal as well.

Pledging vs. Hazing vs. Skating: Where do YOU stand?

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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  2. Defacing the Music by Reggie Legend
  3. Manu Forti Ministries

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