Why We Need Black Republican Commentators

August 6, 2017

Ain’t no reason or explanation for a Black Republican…

That’s what many of “us” would say. And as a result, Black Republicans spend their time defending themselves for being Republican rather than sharing how they see themselves sharing in the progress of our people. So, I wanted to give Kimberly Klacik her opportunity to freely share her perspective so you can get to know her.

Now, typically when we see a Black Republican s/he is selling out the Black Community. But, I would also say that Black Democrats are selling out the Black Community as well. In both cases, I think we need to take time to know these voices on a deeper level – to understand their motivations.

You see, when combating propaganda, we must be in the right positions. We must not only be at the table, we must also have a controlling seat at the table…we must ultimately own our own tables. And the reality is that we need commentators on all sides of the argument that will represent the Black perspective.

NewsOne Now with Roland Martin is the only Black produced & focused news on TV. So, it’s the place where you are introduced to a variety of Black voices. But with any news show, you don’t have the chance to really get to know the person behind the commentary. In this episode of Blacks with Power, Kimberly Klacik talks about her work with young women in Baltimore, MD through her nonprofit Potential Me, as well as what makes her a Republican and how she lives out her particular commitment to the Black community as a Black Republican.

So what do you think?

Is there benefit to having strong commentators to represent our interests on both sides of the political spectrum? Or why do you think that relying on the Democrat side is a viable strategy?

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

  1. Potential Me

What are Your Thoughts?

5 comments on “Why We Need Black Republican Commentators

  1. I disagree with the purpose of this video. If I may ask, why do we need this Democrat/Republican binary? Why does it need to exist? Why can’t we as Black ppl depend and rely on each other? Why can’t we create our own political ideology that works for us?

    • Great questions! Thank you for engaging.

      Here’s the thing: America will ALWAYS Abe a two Party system. Now, those two Parties might not always be Democrats & Republicans. But the system is designed for two Parties.

      Take Howard Dead for instance (Google if unfamiliar). His campaign was the Green Party platform. Whenever a third Party platform gains enough traction, one of the major (Two) Parties will adopt it.

      So, to get to the “our own political ideology” (which we should), we’ll have to position ourselves (& that ideology) so that it has influence in BOTH Parties. Ya know?

  2. “Is there benefit to having strong commentators to represent our interests on both sides of the political spectrum? Or why do you think that relying on the Democrat side is a viable strategy?”

    This statement imposes an anti-Black and neo-liberal binary that not every Black person feels obligated to follow. Don’t you think so? Like, why do we need to choose between one anti-Black/neo-liberal party or another?

  3. The very distinction between a black Republican and a Trump Republican has nothing to do with the color of ones skin or the place in our political landscape, but rather in ones ability to self-determine ones place on the moral compass. To subscribe to Republican Party precepts today, in the age of Trump, is to support bigotry, oppression and hate which far outweighs any studious platitude of assuming the GOP casts a large enough “big tent” of inclusiveness to truly support the African American community. The rationale of being a black Republican today is to cast support for the white, powerful GOP shadow which has become the cultural terrorist party of Trump. The folly of attempting to find a “black niche“ within the GOP while disavowing some of Trump’s hateful words and policies is the equivalent of trying to ignore the reality of suffering that African Americans and other non-white cultures have suffered under this GOP shadow of hate.

    • Thanks for the comment. Realize this: the issues between Blacks and the GOP extends far beyond Trump. We are a FAR cry from Jack Kemp type white republicans.