Lee Merritt on Dismantling Colored People Justice to Make Black Lives Matter

July 30, 2017

Lee Merritt, the rapper turned poet and Civil Rights Attorney is on the front lines with those being wounded in the struggle for the mattering of Black lives. Marlin Gipson, Jordan Edwards, Jacqueline Craig and others…Lee has been with them trying to tend to their wounds and advocate on their behalf. And in this episode, he shares his larger vision for the legal struggle to make Black lives matter in America.

Oh yes – Lee dropped a verse at the end of this interview! And I want to get him to share more…

But to get to that larger vision will take more than Attorney Lee Merritt representing clients when the frequent need arises. It takes a village, right? Not just an attorney…not just several attorneys.

So the question becomes, how do we play our part?

And that’s part of the discussion for this episode.

Because we have to have some solutions, right? Don’t get me wrong…I’m grateful for Lee Merritt, Darryl Parks, Aramis Ayala, Benjamin Crump, Greg Francis, others I don’t know to name and so many more I’m sure. (Please add the names of others so I can learn of their efforts…even if that other is yourself! LOL)

We have to have more than an army of Attorneys. I mean, we do need more attorneys. Listen to the absolutely crazy statistics on Black lawyers shared in the conversation I had with Yusuf Kareem of the Law School Admissions Council. But all the attorneys in the world ain’t gon ensure the Justice system works to protect and advance the freedoms of Black people.

It takes many things for sure. But Attorney Lee Merritt wants to share his vision from his perspective, and I think it definitely needs to be a component to our strategy.

But what do you think?

Do you report the police when you’ve experienced discrimination? Why or why not?

Should Jury Duty be part of the strategy and what type of teachings/programs do you think would help add Jury Duty as a major reason for registering to vote, and as a major component of the fight for justice?

I want to hear from you…

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

  1. Johnnie Cochran’s Civil Rights Legacy
  2. Pedro Hernandez
  3. John RK Howard rape trial
  4. Woke Folks (Facebook group as website isn’t live at time of this post)

What are Your Thoughts?

One comment on “Lee Merritt on Dismantling Colored People Justice to Make Black Lives Matter

  1. Tawanda Smith Jun 16, 2020

    I respect and honor all lives, but I understand clearly black lives specifically black men has for centuries suffered the greatest disadvantages in this country. I do not have a lot of money which has not allowed me the lawyer I need to help free my nephew Juan I. Turner who has been incarcerated for fifteen years for a murder charge he did not commit. From what I know about the law a prosecutor must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt each essential element of the crime charged. This crime was not proven. For more information on this case and get help for Juan Turner Email: jtactuallyinnocent@gmail.com Thank you, Tawanda Smith Juan’s aunt.