How to Make Marriage an Aid to Black Power

July 16, 2017

Marriage is a tool that can enhance our journey to the Promised Land, if we use it well. It is also a tool that can leave us in a ditch alongside the Way. As Black people, with a spiritual/metaphorical relationship with “the Plantation,” we should particularly understand how a strong marriage can keep you on course to Liberty and keep watch over your blindspots so you aren’t captured by the hounds.

This week, Sonya and I are on retreat: to give thanks for another year of determining to travel the Way together and to discern how we should continue along the Way…who we need to be and what we need to do, to be better at traveling the Way to the Promised Land.

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It’s a special time we’ve committed to cherish, and thanks be to God we’ve held to thus far. And in this episode, I share some of the reasoning why I think this type of practice is important.

I think it’s particularly important for me, as a husband, to be a leader in this space. And, I think this investment of effort yields a great reward. But it ain’t for the fainthearted. Even Jay-Z learned that at [4:44]! LOL

What do you think? What do you do?

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