Redemption Song: The DUPLicate authentICTY of a Hiphop Junkie

September 10, 2017

Redemption: thanks be to God, it’s a possibility. I mean, if we’re stuck being the people we once were…if we’re stuck with the reputations we foolishly established, who of us could be good? Right?

But, the reality of redemption isn’t license for foolishness.

Redemption isn’t some sort of magic potion, given to those who learn to say “Jesus.” It’s a journey that we must walk. Like a new instrument – or maybe a set of turntables (or whatever folk are “DJing” on now), redemption is a gift. But that gift will do you no good unless you learn how to use it.

So what is the road to redemption and what does it mean to walk it? And once you walk it for yourself – how do you pay that forward?

This is the focus of my conversation with Reggie Kee.

Reggie was my ADP: responsible for (ehem) “instilling” in me a love for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Most people who know us both and know our experience would never believe that he and I got together for this conversation. That story alone is a prime example of walking the road to redemption…but, we’ll tell you more about that on the show.

Reggie shares his lessons with his family, and they embrace the power of the word with deep purpose. You can read more about that story in the Chicago Tribune. Both he and his 9 year old son, Josiah, are published authors. And that’s another important piece of the discussion that you don’t want to miss…it’ll change the way you consider influencing the next generation.

Ultimately, I want to know how you are traveling the road to redemption. What are your triumphs along the way? What are your struggles on this journey?

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

  1. Steel Waters, Vol. 1: DUPLicate AuthentICITY
  2. Defacing the Music: What Slips into the Grooves Once God Gets Removed
  3. Chronicles of an Uncommon Kid (Volume 1)

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