What Should the White Insurrection Teach Black Power?

January 13, 2021

Last week…as we were recording last week’s episode of Blacks with Power, vitriolic elements of White Power took the Capital by storm, resulting in five death, including a member of Law Enforcement. They violated and betrayed the Rule of Law, with the support of the President, Members of Congress and other Federal and State elected officials.

Now, we are witnessing the aftermath. How will genteel White Power respond? What will the Rule of Law mean in this instance?

All of it remains to be seen. But, will Black people be watching? Will you be paying attention? And for what will you be paying attention? What will you be looking to see and what will you do with what you see?

That’s our discussion on this episode, and we’d love to hear your response to our thoughts & challenges in the comments below. Or tweet us: @jahbread & @wwjimmiedo.

What are Your Thoughts?